BFA, Photography, Art Academy of Cincinnati, 2017

Written Articles and Short Essays

2020 Shelter in Haste: A Spatial Revolution, Trigger

2020 Racism or ‘Municipal Fine Farming’? Both are behind over-policing, Columbus Free Press

2020 Time to Throw Away all of the "Bad Apples" Still Working for Columbus Police, Columbus Free Press

2020 Who are Black Freedom? Some activists tell group 'don't speak for me', Columbus Free Press

2020 Cybernetic Desire: Terry Ratzlaff Feature, Giphantie Journal

2020 The Phantoms of Russia [Lacan and Ideology]: Danila Tkachenko Feature, Giphantie Journal

2020 Specters of Aura, Giphantie Journal

2020 Photographing Neoliberalism in the Thatcher Era: Anna Fox Feature and Interview, Giphantie Journal

2020 The End of Capitalism[?]: Kata Geibl Feature, Giphantie Journal

2020 The Photographic Veil: Jean Baudrillard's Photographs and Writing on Photograph, Giphantie Journal

2020 Euphoric Nostalgia: 21st Century Postmodernism, Pastiche Journal

2020 Satellite Photojournalism and the Sublime Object, Giphantie Journal

2019 TikTok as Symptom: The Anti-Messianic, Pastiche Journal

2019 Street Photography and Non-Place, Giphantie Journal

2019 Photography as Symptom, Giphantie Journal

2019 Burnout Syndrome: Mark Fisher From the Future, Pastiche Journal

2019 The Fetishism of Medium: Neoliberalism and the Self-Employed Photojournalist, Medium

Photo Essays

2018 Gas Stations in Manhattan, Medium

2018 Guns in Manhattan: A Look Inside Manhattan’s Underground Shooting Range, Medium

2017 A U.S. Citizen's Visual Travel Guide to Cuba, The Rooster

2016 Active Shooter Defense Course, Medium

2016 A Visit to 'Ark Encounter', Where Creationism and Dinosaurs Collide, Motherboard 

2016 Photo Essay: A Day Outside the RNC, Medium

2016 On Tour With Montana of 300, Collaboration with Cody Perkins, Medium

2016 Photos of a Cincinnati Neighborhood One Year After an Infamous Police Shooting, VICE

2015 Kentucky's Creation Museum, Motherboard

Online Press and Interviews

2020 Parallax feature, Broad Magazine

2019 White Fences feature, British Journal of Photography

2018 Swing State feature and interview, Then There Was Us

2018 Fourth Street feature and interview, The Visual Voices

2018 What Makes a Photo Essay Unforgettable?, Format

2018 15 Landscape and Nature Photographers We Found on Format, The Archive Collective

2017 Interview, Red Cabin

2017 Fourth Street Feature, Trip Magazine

2017 Fourth Street Feature, Aye Magazine

2017 The controversial relationship between guns and America: Photos of a Cincinnati Neighborhood, C41 Magazine

2017 Photographer Spotlight August, Format

2017 The Heroin Business Is Booming in America, Bloomberg Businessweek

2017 Swing State feature and interview, Huck Magazine

2017 Gentrification, Guns, and America by Taylor DorrellThe Rooster

2016 Brothers feature, Thisispaper Mag

2016 Swing State feature and interview, Aint-Bad Magazine

2016 RNC, The Commission 

2016 Memories Portrait: Taylor Dorrell, Young Offenders

2016 Brothers feature, Float Magazine

2016 Drag Strip Feature, Edge of Humanity

2016 Brothers Feature, Aint-Bad Magazine

2015 Fresh Photographs From Taylor DorrellNo Culture Icons

2015 Wistful Photos Capture a Band of Brothers on the Verge of Adulthood, Feature Shoot

2015 Brothers Feature, Positive Magazine

2015 Interview with Taylor Dorrell, ND Magazine

2015 A Brief Interview with Taylor Dorrell, Strant Mag

2015 Brothers Feature, 10 Journal

2015 Photography Recommends, YMC Blog

Group Exhibits

2018 This is an Art Show, 352 E 85th, New York, New York 

2017 Thread Count, Der Greif, Unseen, Amsterdam

2017 Unrest, Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

2016 Forward>Backward, Gallery S452, Cincinnati, Ohio

2016 Undergrounded, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

2016 Dual Complex, Pique Gallery, Covington, Kentucky

2016 Artists' Books, Mercantile Library, Cincinnati, Ohio

2016 The Goods, Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

2016 Deep End, Wave Pool, Cincinnati, Ohio

2016 Over the Influence, Exposure 13, Cincinnati, Ohio

2016 Show and Tell, Buddy's Place, Cincinnati, Ohio

2015 Correlation, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

2015 One, Red Door Project, Cincinnati, Ohio

2014 <3.49>,Childlaw Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio

2014 Art Academy of Cincinnati - Graduate & Student Works, Westheimer Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio

2014 Sharonville Arts Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

2014 It Came From Cleveland, Shrewdness Of Apes, Cincinnati, Ohio

2013 Rock Paper Scissors, Cincinnati, Ohio

Instagram Takeovers

2018 Chrono Collective

2018 Splash and Grab takeover

2017 Instagram Takeover, Pomegranate Press

2017 Instagram Takeover, Float Magazine 

2015 Brothers Instagram Takeover, Trip Mag

2015 Instagram Takeover, Splash & Grab

Film Festivals 

2012 Film Festival Of Columbus

2014 Wexner Film Festival

2014 Phantoscope Film Festival

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