1. TikTok as Symptom: The Anti-Messianic

    17 Nov 2019
    Americans are facing restrictions on TikTok while China is restricting the NBA. While the two both have market drives and differ in their ideologies in democracy, there is something that binds the two. Both the US and China see it in their favor to utilize any means necessary — culture…

  2. Street Photography and Non-Place

    31 Oct 2019
    Underground trains vibrate the landscape of chain stores and Uber drivers as the towering skyscrapers of Manhattan funnel the clouds down to the thousands of individuals. Guided by their signs, iPhones, and airpods, the tension, anxiety, experienced in other cities’ Costcos on Sunday afternoons. Starbucks on the breath, fast paces…

  3. Photography as Symptom

    29 Jul 2019
    Photographers and those who’ve written on the subject have had a problem; one could say this problem haunts the medium. This problem is seeing photography as a medium to be addressed within a relative vacuum. Not necessarily culturally or socially, as many projects’ main focus today is to escape the…

  4. Burnout Syndrome: Mark Fisher From the Future

    29 Jul 2019
    In the wake of Burnout Syndrome (work caused stress/alienation) becoming mainstream, it’s worth reflecting on Mark Fisher’s writings connecting mental health to the post-Fordist workplace. For history to become what it always was, symbolism must be established in the future. The effects of neoliberalism and the post-Fordist workplace have only…

  5. Essay: The Fetishism of Medium: Neoliberalism and the Self-Employed Photojournalist

    27 May 2019
    The deregulated and globalized networks that the field of photojournalism exist in are causing an ‘implosion of meaning’ and leaving photojournalists self-employed in the neoliberal gig economy The Fetishism of Medium: Neoliberalism and the Self-Employed Photojournalist The anxiety of endlessness echoed off the damaged brick walls of the dismal factory…

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